About Us

14-inch WPSC base and midpole with customer’s single light arm.
WirelessPSC is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of telecom infrastructure supporting 4G and 5G related small-cell deployments for smart cities, connected venues and outdoor urban centers. Our long history in mobile network planning, telecom and civil engineering, as well as materials science enables us to offer innovative telecom infrastructure solutions. The WirelessPSC portfolio of smart-pole infrastructure includes built-to-suit decorative masts, antenna equipment concealment and specialized radio & antenna mounting assemblies. We are a minority business enterprise (MBE) supporting operators and their supplier ecosystem in the deployment of wireless infrastructure across North America.

At WirelessPSC, we strive every day to be the smart-pole infrastructure specialist that answers the unique network densification needs of North American operators, their vendors and municipalities.

Why WirelessPSC?

Uniquely capable
WirelessPSC has a long track record of serving the needs of the wireless ecosystem. We’ve designed, manufactured and installed advanced small-cell antennas for 4G and 5G systems. Our team understands RF and civil engineering, as well as antenna shrouds/concealment and various ecosystem relationships based on over two decades working in the industry.
• Long history in RF engineering and related services
• Partnerships with specialized composite manufacturing partners
Focused on what we do best
We are focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of smart-pole infrastructure in support of 4G, 5G and related small-cell deployments across North America. This is our core business and we have a series of off-the-shelf, tested and proven solutions. We also have a series of supporting services, including A&E, emissions testing and project management, to offer turnkey offerings to municipalities, turf vendors and network operators.
Innovative, flexible and responsive
WirelessPSC can perform the role of intermediary that translates your engineering requirements to other stakeholders. As a manufacturer, we can develop fast prototypes in conjunction with partners in architectural engineering and testing. We are flexible in our business approach to deliver off-the-shelf or custom solutions that best meet customer requirements.
WPSC smart pole supporting a dual luminaire.



Productization of build-to-suit pole design
Adding third-party related infrastructure for sensors, parking beacons, EV charging, street furniture and more




WirelessPSC focuses on the development, manufacturing and distribution of smart-pole infrastructure in support of 4G, 5G and related small-cell deployments. It also offers related services in support of operators, vendors and municipalities


WirelessPSC begins developing and supplying network infrastructure solutions in addition to other products and services traditionally offered by the company


WirelessPSC explored and initiated partnerships to resell infrastructure products and solutions. Initial offerings included:
- Mobile Network Antennas
- Antenna Shrouding/Enclosure Components
- Fiber Optic Infrastructure Solutions
- Optical Test & Measurement Equipment
- Fiber Optic Test Gear


WirelessPSC initiated new strategic consulting services. Initial offerings included:
- New Market Entry Preparedness
- Outsourced Technical Sales & Business Development
- Product Development


WirelessPSC, LLC was founded to provide market-entry and outsourced technical sales services for manufacturers and developers wanting to enter or expand into existing markets. Initial offerings included:

- Mobile Network Performance Testing Solutions
- RF Interference & Network Scanning Systems
- Fiber Optic Test Gear
- RF over CPRI Monitoring Solutions
- Network Infrastructure for Disaster Recovery
- Professional Services for RF Propagation Computer Model Calibration & Network Optimization
- Enterprise Solutions for Geo-analytics, Network Optimization, Visualization & Automation
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