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for decorative smart pole infrastructure

WirelessPSC is a designer and manufacturer of decorative wireless infrastructure including 4G and 5G small cells, small cell facilities, smart poles and specialty poles. We redefine the essence of decorative broadband connectivity in historical downtown areas, outdoor venues and stadiums addressing the need for custom decorative pole solutions. Our innovative portfolio of decorative smart pole infrastructure incorporates design aspects that coalesce with local architectural features, historical context and nature.

Our long history in mobile network planning, broadband telecom, material science and civil engineering enables us to offer innovative telecom infrastructure solutions. We take pride in our agile ability to craft decorative pole designs, utilizing North American steel, that precisely meet our customers' needs for aesthetics, reliability and ubiquitous connectivity.

Our clients and customers include commercial developers, telecom construction companies, municipalities, and shared-network providers. WirelessPSC's custom-built designs are ideal for vibrant urban centers, historical districts, smart cities, high-capacity outdoor venues, and sports and entertainment districts where fast, dependable 4G and 5G connectivity are essential.
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