Base Diameter = 14"
Height = 29' 3" – Series 1
  • Analysis per TIA-222, AASHTO & local building codes
  • Maximum wind speed  rated  to 171 mph
  • Innovative foundation design available*
  • Passive and active cooling (as required) in accordance with GR-487
  • Accommodates utility meter, AC & DC power distribution, power disconnect and fiber distribution
  • Optional power management solutions*
  • Pre-integration of the pole system available*
  • Carbon steel welded frame
  • Roll-formed stainless-steel doors
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel with high-grade polyester powder topcoat
Pole Shaft Offerings
  • Round (6.63” or 8.63” diameter)
    • Smooth
    • Custom fluted (to match existing light standard)
*Contact WirelessPSC for integrated soultion 
Available Options
Built-to-suit luminaire tenon top adapter
  • Supports recycling existing pole luminaire
Power Meter Window (Lexan)
  • Allows for visual and wireless reading of meter
Side-arm Antenna/Radio Mount -- customize your antenna centerline
  • Provisions for up to two Ericsson 220X/440X Low Power RRUs, two Samsung RTs or Nokia Airscale Micro RRHs inside of enclosure
  • Includes 5-position ground bar
5G Mounting Provisions
  • Additional handholes and cable glands as required

Pole Banner Mounts
  • Allows for recycling existing pole banners
  • Digital signage is also available
EV Charger Integration
  • We work with multiple vendors to support your market’s or power utility’s requirements
Supported Radios
The WirelessPSC Smart-pole 1400
supports the following radios*
*Purchased directly from the equipment vendor
Nokia AHFB
Nokia AHIB
Nokia AZRA
Nokia AZQC
RT 4401-48A
RT 2201-46A
2203, 2205, 2208, 4402, 4408, 4435, 4449, 4455, 8843
Neutral Host
To order: contact sales@wirelesspsc.com or visit wirelesspsc.com
WirelessPSC is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of telecom infrastructure supporting 4G and 5G related small-cell deployments for smart cities, connected venues and outdoor urban centers. Our long history in mobile network planning, telecom and civil engineering, as well as
materials science enables us to offer innovative telecom infrastructure solutions. The WirelessPSC portfolio of smart-pole infrastructure includes built-to-suit decorative masts, antenna equipment concealment and specialized radio & antenna mounting assemblies. We are a minority business enterprise (MBE) supporting operators and their supplier ecosystem in the deployment of wireless infrastructure across North America.
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