Smart Pole from WirelessPSC -
The Future of Urban Design

WirelessPSC is pioneering the integration of services like 5G/LTE Small Cell technology into urban design with our advanced Smart Pole systems. These multifunctional poles are designed to support the infrastructure of Smart Cities, providing robust Wi-Fi connectivity, IoT sensors/gateways, and serving as important connection points throughout the city.

New Urban Connectivity & Lighting

Our smart pole infrastructure goes beyond traditional utility pole functions, offering integrated lighting control systems that illuminate city streets while hosting wireless connectivity technology. Our modular design enables nearly universal compatibility with legacy systems like 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, alongside more modern standards like 5G, mmWave, and more on any of our decorative solutions. This dual capability ensures that our poles are not just infrastructure, but beacons of progress in urban design.

Manufacturing Innovation for Tomorrow's Telecommunications

At WirelessPSC, we pride ourselves in our manufacturing excellence. Each smart pole is carefully built, ensuring that every component upholds our high standards. Additionally, we support most all public Wi-Fi equipment. Our commitment to quality in telecommunications is unwavering, as we contribute to the look-and-feel as well as the functional enhancement of urban landscapes.

Lighting and Connectivity

Our smart pole infrastucture is designed to be future-proof, accommodating the rapid advancements in technology while providing essential services today. They stand as modern-day street lights, equipped with lighting systems that adapt to the needs of everyone, and as pillars of connectivity that bring the promise of a fully connected smart city to life.

Partnering for Progressive Urban Design

WirelessPSC is not just a provider; we are a stake-holder in the smart city movement. We understand that urban design is about creating spaces that are both functional and inspiring. Our smart pole infrastructure is a testament to this philosophy, blending cutting-edge technology with the practical needs of urban living.
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